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Structural, Pest & Building Maintenance Inspection

Combined Structural, Pest & Building Maintenance Inspection

Units/Apartments & Houses

The Structural, Pest & Maintenance Inspection is the combination of the ‘Structural Building Inspection’, ‘Timber Pest Inspection’ and ‘Building Maintenance Inspection’ defined above, which offers a cost effective comprehensive report needed for complete peace of mind before buying your home. This option maximizes the potential leverage you might have to re-negotiate should there be any identified property issues.

Panoptic’s combined inspection is a comprehensive review that includes an assessment of the structural integrity of the building elements of the home. It will also outline building maintenance issues. Please understand the included detail will vary by the assessed quality of the property in relation to houses of a similar age that have been adequately maintained. Plumbing leaks and obvious defects will be noted, as will the presence of asbestos.

The safety compliance checks are that the RCD’s, smoke alarms and pool fencing meet current legislation.

The termite/white ant/timber pest inspection covers any visible timber pest activity, new or old, within the home and immediate perimeter. We do not issue a separate termite inspection certificate. All details are included within your report. A sticker is placed in the meter box showing the inspection was performed. We do not perform pest treatments. If one is recommended, you will have to contact a local pest control company to attend to the findings.

This inspection is sometimes known as a pre-purchase inspection.

Detailed testing of all fixed electrical, mechanical, air-conditioning, plumbing, pool and gas fixtures and fittings within the home is normally done at your final inspection prior to settlement. This does not form part of our inspection. We strongly advise that your settlement agent obtains a written disclosure from the property vendor that all of these items are in sound working condition at the date of sale.


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