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Timber Pest Inspection

Timber Pest Inspection

Many customers believe that termites are the only pest that is being looked for during a Timber Pest Inspection. Termites are not the only pest of timber which attack homes. There are three pest capable of damaging timber; Termites, Borers and Wood Decay Fungi. A timber pest inspection is designed to look for signs of all three of these pests.

It’s also important to distinguish the difference between a timber pest or termite inspection and a termite check.

  • A reliable four-step process to ensure your pre-purchase inspection is handled quickly and efficiently
  • A comprehensive, 250-point house inspection report, complete with photos, giving you the confidence in knowing the overall condition of the property
  • Fast turnaround on building inspections and condition reports to enable you to make a rapid purchase decision
  • Useful solutions for dealing with any current or potential problems
  • Negotiating power with your vendor or builder
  • The sub floor space
  • The Interior of the building
  • The roof space
  • The roof exterior


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